JSM-IT500HR InTouchScope™ Scanning Electron Microscope

Introducing a new addition to our JEOL InTouchScope™ series SEMs, the JSM-IT500HR.

Increase your productivity with our fully-integrated software, from specimen navigation to analysis to report creation.

This state-of-the-art SEM, with its high-brightness electron gun system, provides amazing high-resolution imaging along with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution analysis at even faster speeds.

Zeromag and high-resolution imaging

High resolution observation is at your fingertips with our new high-brightness electron gun and lens system. Zeromag simplifies navigation, breaking the boundary between the optical and SEM image. The optical image (using our Stage Navigation System) in the main display can be used to locate the area of interest and set analysis points. By zooming in, you will transition automatically to the live SEM image.

Element analysis in a flash

The Live Analysis feature with our analytical models provides a real time EDS spectrum during image observation. The main elements are identified automatically and displayed on the observation screen. Finding foreign material or validating composition has never been easier.

High speed mapping and long acquisition analyses

Mapping results in 70 seconds!

Specimen: Gold particle on carbon Accelerating voltage: 20 kV Magnification: ×500,000 Map acquisition time: 70 seconds

The JSM-IT500HR has a high-brightness, long life emitter with stable probe current. This is ideal for acquisitions over long periods such as automated large area mapping.

Also, our larger area EDS detectors allow for high speed X-ray maps.


Montage is an effective function for identifying foreign materials over large areas and also for analyzing fractured-surface.

Integrated data management software: SMILE VIEW™ Lab

SMILE VIEW™ Lab is a central data management software program which links the Stage Navigation Image, stage positions, SEM images and EDS results. With this software, you can quickly create reports incorporating all this data.

On the SMILE VIEW™ Lab data management screen, all data can be managed as one. Low magnification images from holder graphics and Stage Navigation System images, observation positions, images and analysis results are saved in a project. Review and re-analysis of previously obtained data as well as creating reports is easy.