JSM-IT700HR InTouchScope™ Scanning Electron Microscope

SEM- Essential in Daily Lab Operation JSM-IT700HR Makes it Easy.

Nano-scaled materials are driving the current technological breakthroughs and their observation and analysis is facilitated by a new and innovative SEM, JSM-IT700HR. Its new electron gun with spatial resolution of 1 nm and the largest probe current of 300 nA, combined with an exceptionally userfriendly software interface significantly simplifies observation and analysis in SEM. The compact instrument design also features a large specimen chamber with multiple accessory ports as well as EDS integration.

JSM-IT700HR Advanced SEM, Powerful and Simple to Use.


Zeromag & Autofunctions

Magnify optical image, seamleass transition to the SEM image

Zeromag is designed to link the holder graphic or optical image* with the SEM image. Using Zeromag, field searching is easy.

* Stage Navigation System (SNS) is necessary to display an optical image.

Integrated EDS & Live Analysis

Integration of observation and analysis

EDS analysis directly on the SEM observation screen for seamless transition from observation to analysis. Moreover, Live Analysis provides real-time monitoring of the spectra for characteristic X-rays.


Fast and flexible report generation

SMILE VIEW™ Lab is a JEOL original data management tool, which links the optical image, SEM image and EDS analysis results. With one click, a report can be generated easily after the measurement. An off-line version of the software*1 is available to free up the SEM and enhance productivity.

*1 Off-line data analysis software (option) is required.
*2 Need to install Microsoft®Office.

Display the depth of signal

A new function for displaying the generation depth of signal is built-in. Observing the analysis depth on the specimen is very effective for understanding the elemental results generated.

Auto Beam Alignment (ABA)

This function automatically adjusts the optical axis of the electron beam.

Large area observation and analysis with montage function

Set montage on Zeromag

Montage result: 6×6 (Left: Backscattered electron image Right: Cu element map)

Specimen: Flat milled section of brass screw*, Accelerating voltage: 20 kV, Low vaccum mode (20 Pa), Imaging area: 6.4 mm × 4.8 mm

* Flat milling fabriation was performed by IB-19530CP after mechanical polishing.

Montage is a function to connect all images in a large area as one high-definition image. This function is very useful for acquiring detailed information over a large area.