JSM-IT700HR Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-IT700HR InTouchScope™

SEM- Essential in Daily Lab Operation JSM-IT700HR Makes it Easy.

Scanning Electron Microscope

JEM-Z300FSC (CRYO ARM) Electron Microscope

JEM-Z300FSC / JEM-Z200FSC Cryo-Electron Microscope

CRYO ARM is an electron microscope for observing biomolecules such as proteins at cryo temperature. The microscope equips a cold field-emission electron gun, an in-column Omega energy filter, a side-entry liquid nitrogen cooling stage, and an automated specimen exchange system. The specimen exchange system can store up to 12 specimens in the specimen exchange chamber.

JSM-IT200 Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-IT200 Scanning Electron Microscope

Fast observation, analysis and report generation! JSM-IT200 is an easy-to-use scanning electron microscope focused on cost performance of high functionalities of JSM-IT500 (higher-end model) of InTouchScope, with significantly higher throughput.

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  • 21 MAR 2019

In Pursuit of Environmentally Friendly Chemistry: Innovations in Organic Synthesis Supported by Analytical Instruments

Advances in chemistry have led to tremendous benefits to society and have impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, including healthcare, energy, food production, and new materials. Although society has been enriched by this progress, the production of chemical substances has also created serious environmental issues, such as pollution and environmental contamination. At the University of Tokyo, Professor Shū Kobayashi is leading the way to develop environmentally friendly or “Green" chemistry.

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