High performance gas chromatograph time-of-flight mass spectrometer.



A new atomic resolution electron microscope has been released! The "GRAND ARM 2" has been upgraded. This new "GRAND ARM 2" enables observations at ultrahigh spatial resolution with highly sensitive analysis over a wide range of accelerating voltages.

JAM-5200 EBM
CRYO ARM 300 II (JEM-3300)

JEM-3300 (CRYO ARM 300 II) Cryo-Electron Microscope

CRYO ARM is an electron microscope for observing biomolecules such as proteins at cryo temperature. The microscope equips a cold field-emission electron gun, an in-column Omega energy filter, a side-entry liquid nitrogen cooling stage, and an automated specimen exchange system. The specimen exchange system can store up to 12 specimens in the specimen exchange chamber.

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  • 21 MAR 2019

Cryo-electron microscopy unveils the mysteries of life by investigating various molecular structures in the "deep freeze".

Proteins constitute all living organisms and are responsible for a plethora of functions, such as immunity, metabolism, cerebral function and motility. Professor Keiichi Namba, who leads the Protonic NanoMachine Group of the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences in Osaka University is interested in the remarkable mechanisms underlying these functions and is actively seeking to unveil their secrets by studying the three-dimensional (3D) structures of biological molecules.

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