Senior Management Team


Robert C. (Bob) Hertsens, PhD Managing Director

With a scientific background in electron microscopy for the life sciences and almost 30 of years experience in sales and administration within the JEOL Group, Bob is now leading the JEOL Benelux organisation. Bob is also the European product manager for JEOL mass spectrometry. He commenced work with JEOL BV in 1987.


Stefan Kuypers, Ph D Sales Director

Stefan is in charge of JEOL's sales activities in the Benelux. Before joining JEOL, Stefan was a user of electron microscopy and surface analytical techniques for materials characterisation. He commenced work with JEOL BV in 2004.


Marc Mine Service Director

Marc has the overall responsibility for a team of 10 engineers, managing installations, preventative maintenance and breakdowns. He commenced work with JEOL BV in 1985.

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