High performance gas chromatograph time-of-flight mass spectrometer.



A new atomic resolution electron microscope has been released! The "GRAND ARM 2" has been upgraded. This new "GRAND ARM 2" enables observations at ultrahigh spatial resolution with highly sensitive analysis over a wide range of accelerating voltages.

JAM-5200 EBM
CRYO ARM 300 II (JEM-3300)

JEM-3300 (CRYO ARM 300 II) Cryo-Electron Microscope

CRYO ARM is an electron microscope for observing biomolecules such as proteins at cryo temperature. The microscope equips a cold field-emission electron gun, an in-column Omega energy filter, a side-entry liquid nitrogen cooling stage, and an automated specimen exchange system. The specimen exchange system can store up to 12 specimens in the specimen exchange chamber.

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NeoScope Benchtop SEM voted European Best New Lab Product

The NeoScope benchtop SEM, born from the combined expertise of Nikon Instruments and JEOL, is the winner of the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Award for European Best New General Lab Product 2008.

Announced at the recent ACHEMA exhibition in Germany, the Scientists' Choice Awards were based on the results of an independent poll of more than 25,000 scientists from the SelectScience online community, who were asked to nominate and vote for what they considered to be the best new products of 2008. is the leading online resource for applied chemists, clinical chemists and life scientists.

“Scientists are always quick to embrace innovation and new technology,” Chay Keogh, Marketing Manager at Nikon instruments, “The NeoScope is a fresh new approach offering a powerful yet affordable benchtop SEM. The Scientist’s Choice Award confirms that our combined experience of over 150 years in pioneering imaging technology has enabled JEOL and Nikon to lead the way in providing another exciting new tool to help accelerate the pace of research in all fields.”

The SelectScience Choice Award adds to Nikon’s exclusive Perfect Focus System second place ranking in The Scientist’s top innovations of 2008.

View the Select Science Awards presentation at ACHEMA

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JEM-ARM200F, An Ultimate Atomic Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope

JEOL Ltd. (Gon’emon Kurihara, President) announced a new transmission electron microscope, JEM-ARM200F, incorporating a spherical aberration corrector for the electron optic system as standard, to be distributed in March 2009.


Transmission electron microscopes are designed to study the geometry and structure of substances at high resolution. They can also analyze the elements constituting substances and the status of electrons by incorporating various analyzers such as energy dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometer (EDS) and electron beam energy loss spectrometer (EELS).

A new technology has recently been introduced to correct spherical aberrations that have long restricted the resolving power of electron microscopes. Spherical aberration correctors significantly enhance the resolution and analytical capabilities, enabling ultimate atomic level analysis. The JEM-ARM200F is a powerful transmission electron microscope with a standard spherical aberration corrector, featuring sub angstrom resolution and atomic level analysis.


  • Atomic level resolution - STEM: 0.08 nm; TEM: 0.11 nm
  • Standard spherical aberration corrector for electron optic system eliminating spherical aberrations
  • Maximum accelerating voltage 200 kV
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JEOL Ships 10,000th Scanning Electron Microscope

Industry's SEM of Choice for 31 Years

We announce with pride the shipment of the 10,000th general scanning electron microscope in 31 years since our first model, JSM-T20, was installed in 1975. We could not have achieved this milestone without your continued patronage.

The table below summarizes the cumulative total of general scanning electron microscopes shipped and the model changes over time. Many different models, from the first JSM-T20 to the latest JCM-5700, have been used for a wide range of applications. Today's achievement is only a passing point. We will continue our effort in producing superior and versatile microscopes for years to come.